The Story of Eleanor and Pete


Let's start with the introductions...

Our names aren't Eleanor and Pete.

It all started when...

Somewhere around 1930, Eleanor and Pete met at a soda shop in Sommerset, Pennsylvania. After Pete's death in 1999, their legacy has lived on through their photo-snapping granddaughter, Kristen. Inspired by their 70 year marriage, she set out to capture couples around the world celebrating their forever-love. After meeting Lacey and Stephanie, they expanded her business to include Eleanor & Pete - a celebration of adventurous couples looking for the moments that matter. 


Our Alter Egos


Yes, we have an alter-ego.

Because, let's face it, we love new people and places! Exploring the world with some of the coolest couples on the planet and focusing on the moments that matter is exactly why we do what we do! 

We are...

Kristen and Lacey. Nerdy Netflix-bingeing, luggage-toting, friends from opposite ends of the country. City mouse and country mouse. Exploring, eating and photographing from California to Maine and everywhere in between.