Gabe and Erickson Downtown Orlando Adventure Session

The half-day adventure session was made for a couple like Gabe and Erickson. I loved hanging out with them at all of their favorites places around Orlando. I met up with them at the Black Bean Deli in Orlando to eat lunch and talk about the session itself and figure out where we were going to go.

The Black Bean Deli was a perfect place to fill our stomachs and take amazing pictures. This little café had such a fun hipster vibe with amazing sandwiches and the aroma of coffee in the air. The white walls and adorable plants on the back wall were the perfect backdrop for Gabe and Erickson, who eat here often. I wanted to capture them as they were in places that were just them.

Right outside the restaurant was this fun purple-ish pink wall that was a great backdrop to get some photos of the two of them that really make them stand out.
We then walked the streets of downtown Orlando just stopping at places that were just fun and would make great photos because that was Gabe and Erickson. After stopping at some great places and walking around we decided to hit up the East End Market.

This place was so fun, I was drawn to all the beautiful plants outside that you could actually purchase and then inside were booths where you could buy amazing food, drinks and fun little knick-knacks. Gabe and Erickson love coming to this place to hang out on the weekends. We then walked across the street to the Stardust video and coffee shop that was a funky, fun place where we sat and grabbed some water and took a few photos.

It was a little hot out in the afternoon and we spotted an ice cream shop to sit and take another little break and chill out and talk about how the session was going. We were also waiting for the sun to go down a little bit so we could capture some great photos of the two of them out in a field. We did some fun urban/city photos and we wanted to switch it up for some pretty outdoor photos with the sun setting behind them.

We actually headed back to the KWP studio to do an outfit change and head over to a field where I knew there was some tall grass. I just wanted to capture them as they were in their relationship, just some fun, lovey photos. The light was incredible and I got some amazing photos to finish the session.

Gabe and Erickson are such a sweet couple and I loved hanging out with them and going to all their favorite places. I got to capture the two of them doing what they love together, it was cool to see their relationship in a half day adventure shoot.