Woodland wedding

Tia and Jeff


Photographer: Lacey

Tia and Jeff
Varysburg, NY


Where do I even begin with Tia and Jeff?! They are probably one of the sweetest couples I've met. We traveled up to New York for their gorgeous woodland forest wedding. Tia made the most beautiful bride in her stunning Hayley Paige dress and Jeff was such a handsome and daper groom with a very classic style that reminded you of the 1920's. Tia had a vision for her wedding which included clearing a part in the woods for their etherial ceremony with forest and trees surrounding them along with the people they loved. With a completely outdoor reception to match Tia and Jeff's wedding was nothing short of a dream. We were thrilled to wake up the next day and photograph a day after session with them. With an intimate and romantic setting, we wandered the woods with the two of them, taking them back to the ceremony space where it all happened the day before.